"You Better Run!"

Donnie Bowling is a prolific indie rock/folk rock songwriter from the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Donnie writes about the things he feels are most important to express and share with others, therefore his lyrics usually have a stark honesty to them.

Donnie found his love for music at a very young age and was that guy.... That guy you remember who would carry around a tape player in the cafeteria and beg people to listen to his new bands "HIT" song.  Not much has changed, if he takes his phone out around you.......RUN!  But in all seriousness, his passion for music is strong and his work ethic reflects this.

2018 was a busy year for Donnie as he released both Eps (Western: The Reset and Finding Ways to Get By) both Engineered and Produced at Shangri La Productions in Lexington, KY by J. Tom Hnatow and Mixed By Duane Lundy.

Stay Tuned as the Release Information for his 2019 Full-Length Record "About Time" is being Announced.